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Friday, March 26, 2010


Mary Robinson Reynolds 
Featured in an interview, on CBS's The EARLY Show, was the tennis great, Martina Navratilova. The conversation was about other great tennis players, and Billy Jean King was mentioned. Martina said that she had received the best advice of her career from Billy Jean when she overheard Martina being very negative about how badly the balls were bouncing on the court surface. That's when Billy Jean said to her, "Being negative about it won't change it... Champions adjust." 
Whether or not you consider yourself a champion does not matter... each and every one of us needs to acclimate to this type of mentality if we are to accept responsibility for our lives. You see, we are all CEO's of our own personal service organization. It doesn't matter what job position or title you hold, you are an independent contractor for the work that you are agreeing to do for the remuneration you receive. You have the power to leave, and... you have the power to stay and make adjustments! As you decide to simply "adjust," you will in fact be making a difference. 
A Master of Change is a Champion who accepts this fully. To step fully into our greatness, we need to accept the responsibility of championing ourselves, first and foremost. The rest will follow as we are ready. 
Building Your Power Base 
According to Webster's Dictionary, the word "Master" gives reference to a person who is very skilled and able, an expert in some work, profession, or science. In becoming a master of change we must step fully into our greatness and own our internal personal power as our only necessary resource. Two of the most misunderstood words in our language are greatness and power. They have been treated as something we should shy away from, rather than embrace. I find this "error-in-thinking" originating from our learned states of powerlessness, and from the celebrity status we as a society give victimization. 
We are afraid that if we step fully into our greatness that we will "offend" someone. That someone will feel "less than" when they are around us. How arrogant this really is. Greatness IS Grace, Humility, Generosity, Good Will, Clarity, Authenticity and yes, having boundaries and compassionate guidelines. Real power is never about overpowering another. Real power is the act of acknowledging and encouraging the power within another. Only when we step fully into our greatness and allow ourselves to experience and express our internal power do we give other people permission to do the same.
Mastering Change is about accepting your greatness and behaving like the champion you are... and Champions Adjust!
4 Steps to Making Empowering Adjustments 
#1 - Increase Focus. Be conscious of your thoughts. Think precisely. Bring the focus of your mind into each thought ... and let the desired outcome, the end result, be laser sharp. Normalize fear and then make an adjustment to what the situation requires. Just do it! 
#2 - Be conscious of your emotions. You cannot monitor every thought you have; there are too many coming in too fast. But you can monitor your emotions! You can tell when your thinking has turned negative by the way the thoughts express themselves in your emotions. Stop developing and rehearsing scenarios that cause fear, anger, resentment and feelings of loss. Take total command of your emotional system.
“Never limit your view of life by any past experience.” - Ernest Holmes 
If negativity occurs and you begin feeling down or overwhelmed, speak to yourself with authority. Remember, you've got the power. Choose greatness, and you own it. 
#3 - Care less about what is going on around you. Care more about the vision of the future you want to create. Stop feeling your difficulties deeply. Stop letting yourself collapse into a state of powerlessness. Stop dramatizing them. Stop talking about them! Adjust, adjust, adjust and in a moment you can positively affect any situation by deciding to be an agent of change: a Turn-Around Specialist.
#4 - Observe yourself. Be conscious of the activity of your work, whatever it may be. Choose to see yourself performing each task with ease, assurance and in control of every situation. Be aware that everything you choose to do, you give meaning to. Nothing is anything until you give it meaning. What meaning will you prescribe? 
To your Richest Life beyond your Wildest Dreams,

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